Mission Statement

The West Virginia School Service Personnel Association is an organization dedicated to promoting leadership, quality representation and support for its members.

About Us

School service personnel have different jobs and different roles in the school system. Each role is essential to the education of the children of West Virginia.

The WVSSPA is the voice for thousands of school service personnel-those who feed our children healthy meals, transport them to and from school safely, keep our schools clean and well-maintained, assist teachers in delivering quality instruction and keep school offices running smoothly.

The Association is active at the county and state level in order to keep members informed of policies and issues that are relevant to service personnel. Members of the WVSSPA enjoy on-the-job peace of mind and many benefits including life and professional liability insurance, discounts on auto and home insurance, legal assistance and opportunities for job training and professional development.

The official symbol of WVSSPA is an old-fashioned oil lamp.  Just as a lamp once provided the light that led to the development of this great country, the lamp shall light the way for the progression of the WVSSPA. At the state level, an old-fashioned oil lamp is lit at the annual spring general assembly.