During the Fall President’s Conference legislative proposals are discussed and updated as the WVSSPA legislative priorities. The WVSSPA’s goal is to educate members on important issues and to protect the rights of service personnel. 

Service Personnel Salaries

  • Adequate funding for a 4-year salary package for service personnel and teachers with across the board implementation: Year 1-$2,000; Year 2-$2,000; Year 3-$2,000; Year 4-$4000
  • Re-instate the holiday pay
  • Automatic cost-of-living increases


WV Public Employee Insurance Agency (PEIA)

  • Fix and fund PEIA at the 80/20 rule
  • Increase PEIA employer contribution to match employment numbers
  • Stronger healthcare cost containment legislation


WV State Board of Education and Regional Education Service Agency (RESA)

  • Re-Introduce RESA bill-prohibiting the filling of service jobs to RESA employees
  • Accountability to the legislature on all aspects of RESA


Cook/Meal Ratio

  • Implement the cook/meal ratio in §18A-2-13 by changing the language to “The following guidelines shall be used by the county boards when scheduling full day and half day cooks”



  • Create a square footage formula for custodial staffing


Early Childhood Classroom Assistant Teacher (ECCAT) 

  • Providing extra pay for ECCAT, aides and paraprofessionals who work in classrooms where the number of students exceeds 20 in Kindergarten and 25 in grades 1-4


 West Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind

  • Introduce legislation that will provide seniority and due process rights for personnel employed by the West Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind



  • Introduce legislation that will require five years of experience working in a transportation department, or the requirement of acquiring a National Association of Pupil Transportation (NAPT) certification in order to be eligible to fill a Transportation Director position.


Safe Schools Act

  • Require CPI training for bus operators and aides
  • Include any employee who is in loco parentis within the Safe Schools Act

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