Article III


Section 1.     The membership of this association shall consist of four classes:  active, substitute, retired employee and associate.  All memberships shall be termed as continuing and shall cease only upon the non-payment of the annual dues as stipulated in the provisions of this constitution.


Section 2.     The active membership of this association shall join through the unified dues plan and be open to all regular school service employees who are assigned in the following service personnel groups:  office work, school transportation, general maintenance, custodial care, school lunch and teacher aides which shall include paraprofessionals. 


Section 3.     Substitute membership shall be comprised of persons who are employed as substitutes in one or more of the categories of employment listed in Section 2.  They shall join both the state and county associations.


Section 4.     Any person, who has retired as a school service employee as in Section 1, shall be eligible for retired school service personnel membership, which shall entitle such members to any applicable welfare benefits and publications of the WVSSPA.  These members shall be entitled to attend the Annual Fall Meeting (at their expense.)


Section 5.     Those persons who have terminated their school employment, but have not retired from gainful employment elsewhere, shall be entitled to hold association membership and receive any applicable welfare benefits and publications of the WVSSPA.


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