Article VII


Section 1.     The President shall be ex-officio member of committees; he shall call meetings of the executive committee, suggest areas of work for all standing and special committees, and shall be held responsible for the progress and work of the association.  The president, by and with the consent of the executive committee, shall appoint all regular and special committees.  He shall preside at all regular meetings of the association and perform all other duties that properly fall upon a residing officer.


Section 2.     The First Vice President – The first vice president shall serve in the place of the president in case of absence from any meeting and perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the president, subject to the approval of the executive committee.


Section 3.     Vice Presidents – Each vice president shall serve as the voice of his particular service personnel group, but at no time shall he put the interest of his group above that of the overall association.  This officer shall also be responsible for the collection of information concerning the interests and activities of his service personnel group and for forwarding the same to the state headquarters for possible use in the association’s publications.  The six vice presidents shall constitute the membership committee of this association.


Section 4.     The Secretary – The secretary shall keep a complete record of the proceedings of each meeting and shall carry on the correspondence pertaining to the affairs of the association.


Section 5.     The Treasurer – The treasurer shall keep an itemized account of all receipts and expenditures and make a written report to the association at its General Assembly.


Section 6.     Executive Committee – The Executive Committee shall: (a) carry out the orders, the program and policies of the General Assembly and exercise the general authority of the Assembly between sessions; (b) prepare and submit annually to the General Assembly a budget; (c) make or cause to be made such studies or investigations as may be deemed necessary and essential to building a strong useful association; (d) the executive committee shall arrange for an annual audit to be prepared and presented to the representatives at the General Assembly, and, further shall provide WVSSPA staff members to be bonded with an approved surety company in a minimum and maximum amount approved by the executive committee.  Any vacancies may be filled by a majority vote of the executive committee until the next regular election for said office.


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