Article VII A

Conduct of Members

Section 1.     Any member shall be subject to disciplinary action for behavior contrary to the goals and policies of this association.


Section 2.     Inappropriate behavior shall include but not be limited to:

a.  The deliberate misrepresentation of the goals or policies of this association or any deliberate action detrimental to those goals, policies or to the membership.

b.  The deliberate failure to properly execute the duties of the state or county association office legally held by the member; and

c.  The deliberate misappropriation or misuse of state or county association funds.


Section 3.     Complaints against any member shall be filed in writing with the State Executive Committee and shall be signed by the complainant.  After investigation and prior to taking any action against a member, the Executive Committee shall notify the member in writing and provide for a hearing if requested by the member so charged.  Such hearing shall be held at the next meeting of the Executive Committee or at a special meeting called for the purpose of conducting the hearing.  The Committee is authorized to call such witnesses and demand such written material and testimony as it deems relevant to the case.  If the Committee, after due consideration, finds the member guilty in whole or in part of the offense charged, it shall be empowered to reprimand, place on probation, suspend or expel such member.


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