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  • Stephen McElroy
    commented 2018-02-08 09:45:52 -0500
    There is a bill being prepared for introduction to the House and senate that, in the first year alone, will add about $100 million in NEW revenues FROM OTHER STATES AND COUNTRIES that import our natural gas exports. It needs support and visibility. I believe the House version will earmark amounts for School Employee and State Employee raises.

    3 other aspects are: Counties will get 10% of that amount (already in code); The 70% of Mountaineers that use Natural Gas or Propane will get a rebate/prebate to lower their costs; Diversified industries that use Natural Gas Liquids (wet gas) will be attracted to WV for lower cost feed stock for many products including plastics, nylon, synthetic rubber for tires, and many more.

    The gas industry has pressured legislators to ignore the bill. This bill is ABSOLUTELY best for the people and the state.


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