Without the dedication of West Virginia’s schools more than 2,000 maintenance workers, our schools could not stay open.  Without properly maintained facilities, the learning process and children’s safety would be in peril.  From HVAC workers to carpenters, our maintenance workers are committed to our state’s schools and the children they serve.

The WVSSPA is committed to the following legislative goals for West Virginia's school maintenance workers:


  • Adequate funding for a 4-year salary package for service personnel and teachers with across the board implementation: Year 1-$2,000; Year 2-$2,000; Year 3-$2,000; Year 4-$4000
  • Re-instate the holiday pay
  • Automatic cost-of-living increases

WV PEIA Insurance 

  • Increase PEIA employer contribution to match employment numbers
  • Re-instate the retiree subsidy for new hires as of July 1, 2010
  • Stronger healthcare cost containment legislation

WV State Board of Education

  • Require legislative approval for State BOE members

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