WVSSPA Donates to Union Mission

Marmet, W.V. – Today the West Virginia School Service Personnel Association (WVSSPA) President, Linda Thompson, and Executive Director, Joe White, made a generous donation to the Union Mission food drive held at the Kroger’s location in Marmet, W.Va. Along with the donation, Joe White went on-air to announce his challenge to WVSSPA members to extend the same generosity. “It is a pleasure to help, we are here to make a donation and to challenge our members to do the same,” White explained. “We have close to 800 members in Kanawha County and we want to challenge each of our members to make a donation and help fill up this truck with food,” White continued.

The WVSSPA is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to create a deeper sense and knowledge of the importance of a good educational system for West Virginia, and to advance the interest and welfare of service employees. The association was established in 1965. The WVSSPA is an 8,000-plus member strong union organization dedicated to school service personnel. WVSSPA offers insurance, legal representation and professional development opportunities for members. The association values democracy and independence, and recognizes the importance of actively raising awareness on issues important to school service employees in West Virginia.

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