WVSSPA Hires New Staff Attorney

May 1, 2017


Meghann Slaven


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WVSSPA Hires New Staff Attorney

Charleston, WV - The WVSSPA Executive Committee and staff are pleased to announce the hiring of new WVSSPA Staff Attorney Joe Spradling. Joe has been practicing law for the past twenty-five years. He has extensive experience working as a trial lawyer, private attorney and public defender. He has covered state-level cases on employment, worker’s compensation, unemployment and juvenile cases involving school attendance and behavior. Joe has also covered federal cases on civil rights and employment law. Joe was born and raised in Charleston, WV. He graduated from Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama.

“I am extremely happy to be working for the WVSSPA, to be even more effective in securing the rights of school service personnel,” Joe Spradling.

“Although we regretfully announce the departure of our former attorneys, we understand that they are headed in a different direction. The direction of the WVSSPA continues on the path of service and representation for school service personnel only, and we are thrilled to welcome Joe to our team,” Linda Thompson, WVSSPA President explained. “The transition to add to the WVSSPA legal team started over a year ago and we are excited to finally put the plan into place with the addition of Joe.”

“We want our members to know that legal representation and counsel will continue without interruption,” Joe White, WVSSPA Executive Director explained. Attorney Joe Spradling and Legal Assistant Katelyn Dunlap will begin working with WVSSPA members effective immediately.

Please join us in welcoming Joe Spradling to the WVSSPA team.





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