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The 2017 WV Legislative Session convened February 8, 2017.

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WVSSPA Executive Committee Member Tammie Glover Represents Service Personnel at PEIA Public Hearing

Message from the WVSSPA Executive Director


Welcome from the WVSSPA President

Linda_Thompson.jpgDear members,

With the unveiling of our new website, and in honor of the association’s 50th anniversary, I wanted to share my background and revisit some historic moments of my time with the WVSSPA. 

I was raised in Huntington, WV and currently reside nearby in Crown City, OH with my husband. I have had many positions throughout the years, starting at the FBI in Washington, D.C., and now I am back in my home state as the Executive Secretary in the elementary education department at the Cabell County Board of Education. I became a member of the WVSSPA on September 12, 1978, the first day of my employment term.

After serving 12 years as Vice President of the West Virginia School Service Personnel Association, I was elected as President at the 2014 Spring Conference. I strongly believe in the mission statement of the WVSSPA, our ideals, standards and goals for service employees throughout West Virginia’s school buildings.

I have had many rewarding experiences as a WVSSPA member. It would be tough to name just one. I truly believe my optimism and faith have driven me to face challenges as learning and growing experiences. I allow myself only a few moments to be down or discouraged, then I get to work to master a challenge!

In the past, I always looked forward to attending the WVSSPA conferences, and still do today. To me, the conferences always seemed more like a reunion. I recall WVSSPA founder, Mr. Kenneth Legg, reliving tales of “how it used to be.”  Stories from members all over the state were shared.  I have learned so much over the years by attending the conferences, and I strongly believe those lessons help me to serve WVSSPA members as the state President.

During the 2015 WV Legislative Session, I joined our Executive Director, Joe White, as a lobbyist for WVSSPA and members. We lobbied to protect the rights and benefits that service personnel deserve.  Most importantly, we lobbied to protect and uphold the laws and code in §18A.  Although many challenges were placed before us, we did not give up the fight.

I have strong faith, and I rely on the Lord and seek His guidance in every area of my life, including service personnel activities. My family comes first. Throughout the years, I have worked hard to ensure that my family was not neglected and, because of their love and support, I am able to give without hesitation to the WVSSPA.

I truly enjoy working for the betterment of my fellow school employees as President of the WVSSPA. Thank you all for your service to children and the education system of West Virginia!


In unity,WVSSPA_Logo_2016_jpeg.jpg

Linda Thompson

WVSSPA President


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